5 Reasons A Wedding Planner Recommends Renée Grace

5 Reasons A Wedding Planner Recommends Renée Grace

We are one of the only, if not the only wedding dress shop in Cincinnati where the dresses are made completely in-house. From design conception to dress manufacturing, it’s done here locally in our shop.


We asked a local wedding planner why she refers brides to our store, and she told us 5 reasons she recommends brides visit Renée Grace:


  1. Everything is Made In-House
  2. Gowns are Custom Made to Your Measurements
  3. You Get to Work with the Actual Designer
  4. Plenty of Variety and Everything is Customizable
  5. Reasonable Price Points


We’ve expanded on each point below, providing a little more detail and context.


Everything Is Made In-House

All of our work is done in-house. Nothing is shipped out. Our seamstresses are located in-house and coordinate directly with our designer on any alterations or customizations made to your wedding dress. We’d love for you to visit our atelier and see where your wedding dress will be made!


Gowns Are Custom Made to Your Measurements

All of our wedding dresses are custom made to size. Our wedding dresses are made in-house to your measurements. A dress from Renée Grace does not require alterations. We make the dress to your measurements, and guarantee that your wedding dress will not require alterations. This is different from other bridal shops who will find a dress close to your size and then charge you extra for alterations that are often completed by an offsite 3rd party.


You Get to Work with the Actual Designer

At our wedding shop, not only do you get to work with a wedding dress designer, you get to work with the actual designer who originally designed the dress you want! It’s an experience you won’t get at any other wedding dress shop in Cincinnati. Renée Grace is owned and operated by Teresa Eklund, a wedding dress designer with over 30 years of custom bridal experience.




Plenty of Variety and Everything is Customizable

Our dress shop has over 70 in-house designs to choose from, but everything is customizable. You can mix and match elements from different dresses or create a completely custom design that is completely unique to you. Additionally, as mentioned above, you’ll have the help of a wedding dress designer every step of the way.


Reasonable Price Points

The average price of a wedding dress from Renée Grace ranges from $1,500 to $5,000. The cost depends on the dress, as well as the customizations that are made to it. Our prices are in line with other designer wedding dresses but come with the added benefit of being made to order, according to the measurements of the bride who orders it. When you purchase a dress from us, we don’t alter an existing dress that “almost” fits. We make a new dress that fits you.


Visit Our Atelier

The best way to experience what we have to offer is to visit our atelier, meet with our team, view our dresses, and try a few of them on! You can view our collection here.


We’re located in Cincinnati just a few minutes north of the Reading Wedding District. You can find us at 11176 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45241