Anna and Austin's COVID Elopement

Anna and Austin's COVID Elopement

Anna and Austin's COVID Elopement. Mobile Image

Feb 19, 2021


Anna Livermore is both a Renee Grace Bride and a friend of the brand. Anna owns a consulting business for fashion designers, called V.Mora. She knows Teresa through this consulting firm, being one of the first business influences that helped start the Renee Grace brand. Anna found herself engaged in the fall of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, and needing a dress. Being in the fashion industry she knew she wanted something made with quality and care from someone who she could trust, so she called Renee Grace Bridal.



Anna met her now husband Austin years ago. Their first date was at a fancy restaurant in New York. Austin was so excited to take her there, but didn’t know there was a fixed menu, so it became a very expensive and eventful date to remember. They broke things off but ended getting back together right before COVID-19 hit. When CoronaVirus became a threat, Anna decided to move from her place in New York to Vermont, where there would be more space and less people than the city. Anna and Austin had a chance to slow down outside of their busy lives, so Anna invited Austin to go with her to Vermont. They took the time to ride mountain bikes and simply be together.


Anna’s lease ended shortly after, so she decided to move in with Austin. But, being the independent business woman she is, she had always said she would never move in with anyone unless she knew there was a serious commitment. Anna reluctantly got rid of her things and moved in with Austin, complaining about having to get rid of her bed the whole time. Little did she know, he had bought a ring and was ready to propose. Shortly after Anna moved in, Austin took her back to their first date restaurant, and then afterwards to a park and proposed. The original plan was to take a walk in the park and ask a “random stranger” to take their picture and then propose. The random stranger was going to be a photographer and the whole thing would’ve been documented. However, Anna caught on quickly to what was happening due to Austin’s nervous shaking, so he just went ahead and proposed and the photographer did their thing. 


Fun Fact: Right after Anna said yes, some random person in the park that they couldn’t see yell “Good job Austin!” Apparently someone there knew him, but Austin and Anna never figured out who it was. 


After their proposal, the couple had planned to go down to Florida to spend Christmas with Austin’s family. So they figured they might as well get married in Florida as well, with family and friends, considering a big wedding wasn’t an option with COVID. 


Now Anna has never been one to dream of a huge fairy tale wedding, so getting married with only twenty people wasn’t a huge deal breaker, but coming up with her dream dress in three weeks was something the wedding was contingent upon. Being a fashion design consultant, having the dress she wanted was a big deal for Anna. So she decided to call Teresa and see what she could do. Not knowing if she could ever get a dress in three weeks, Anna asked anyways expecting a no, but Teresa assured her they could make something work. 



With virtual fittings where Teresa taught Anna’s friends how to take measurements and models tried on dresses for Anna to see, the process was expedited in order to create the dress of Anna’s dreams. Anna chose our Collette gown with the Laurel Jacket, creating two different looks, one for the ceremony, and one for the celebration after. In just three weeks, Teresa and her team constructed Anna’s dress and jacket and got it to her two days before the wedding. It fit perfectly, and Anna wore it beautifully. 



The wedding was at a dreamy elopement venue in Florida. With only one hour for the ceremony, and twenty people to join them, the couple shared their day over zoom with the rest of their family and friends that couldn’t make it. After the ceremony and pictures, they celebrated with their close circle of family and friends at the Ritz Carlton. Anna describes the whole day as “beautiful and perfect”.



We love Anna and Austin’s story because it truly embodies the craziness that accompanied 2020, but proves that something good, even love, came out of quarantine and having to stay home. We were so honored to be a part of Anna’s wedding and help make it a memorable day even during unprecedented times.