Bridesmaid Style for Summer

Bridesmaid Style for Summer


As summer approaches, we can not wait for summer weddings and everything they bring—the bright colors, warm weather, and gorgeous decor make summer weddings some of our favorites throughout the year. We love how you can get more adventurous with your choices, especially when it comes to bridesmaids. If you’re planning a summer wedding, here are some of our favorite trends for summer bridesmaids!


A Mix and Match Group

We love the unique look of letting each woman choose her own dress for the occasion. Choose a color palette and let your girls find something they love and know they will wear again! The eclectic look of multiple styles of dresses that complement one another gives your wedding an unexpected yet fun touch. 


Green & Blue

Something about light blues and greens gives a wedding a fresh feel that we love. Lately, greens and blues have become increasingly popular in warmer weather to give weddings the perfect touch of light, crisp color great for warm weather. 



Another trend we’re seeing more and more of that we love is dusty, earth toned neutrals. From a mix and match range of dresses to a simple, understated nude, neutrals give your wedding a timelessly classic touch that is simply irresistible. 



Printed bridesmaid dresses have been making a comeback, with florals, polka dots, and animal prints having a real moment in the weddings of bolder brides. Prints make a stunning statement, and add another level of fun to weddings—especially during summer!


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