Fall Wedding Color Trends 2021

Fall Wedding Color Trends 2021

Fall Colors 2021


When planning your wedding, choosing your colors is one of the most important decisions you make, along with your dress and your venue. Colors can affect the tone and mood for your entire wedding day, so choosing colors that give your wedding the feel you want matters. To get you inspired while designing your color palette, here are a few of our favorite color trends this fall. 



Showing up in a variety of shades, green is having a real moment in wedding trends. Bright and emerald shades are making tropical destination weddings pop, while mid-toned pistachios, olives, and matcha toned greens give a fun retro touch to the event. Plenty of brides have incorporated green into their weddings through immense amounts of greenery in their florals, as well, for a gorgeous natural use of the color. 


Papaya Orange 

The latest bright pop of color we’re loving, papaya orange gives a bright, fun touch to weddings while adding the perfect pop of warmth. Like a brighter, punchier peach, this color easily adapts to multiple aesthetics—just because papaya is a tropical fruit doesn’t mean it needs to stay in destination weddings only! Depending on how you decide to use it, papaya can add a fun bohemian touch or a bright, summery feel. 



Yellow as a fall wedding color is nothing new, but the shades we’ve been seeing lately still feel fresh and modern. Vibrant, mustard-colored yellows create a statement and bring in a touch of warmth, while subdued, dusty pastel yellows can look retro or even work as a neutral, depending on how you use them. Bringing this sunny color into your wedding palette adds a gorgeous happy tone to the entire day that we just love.




Lately, some brides have been using ranges of neutral earthy tones. The multicolored aspect creates a bohemian feel, while making it incredibly easy for your colors to blend together without too much effort on your part. The gorgeous, desert-like feel this palette creates perfectly compliments the stunning colors of fall, especially if you plan on getting married outdoors. 


Pastel Purples


Floral-hued lilac and lavender have made a comeback as wedding colors, and we find the trend absolutely stunning. Calming yet bright, these gorgeous pastels bring a fun pop of color into your wedding. Some brides have used them alongside other pastels for a gorgeous rainbow, while others are letting the colors speak for themselves as a soft statement. 


Light Blue

Soft and elegant, light blue has been making a comeback in wedding palettes. Adaptable and fun, this color looks incredible with a wide range of aesthetics—more teal shades look amazing in destination weddings, while lighter, powder blue shades look stunning along traditional ceremonies. Classic and elegant, we love the way light blues look against the backdrop of fall.