Renée Grace Rebrand and Fall 2020 Collection Sneak Peek

Renée Grace Rebrand and Fall 2020 Collection Sneak Peek

Renée Grace Rebrand and Fall 2020 Collection Sneak Peek. Mobile Image

Mar 03, 2020


Welcome to Renée Grace Bridal 2020! A new campaign, hosting the rebranded website alongside showcasing Renée Graces fall 2020 line is finally here, welcome friends! We are more excited than ever. We have been working with a creative design agency that specializes in branding and visual presence via online content for the past few months called Engaged Creative, and they have been working with us to create our new logos, website, and social media strategieswe are soooo grateful for all their hard work and soooo delighted for this shift for RGB!

 And speaking of our newest line of gowns, wed love to show you a few that are going to be a part of our Fall/Winter 2020 line. As you may have seen on our Instagram, we have introduced Elise, Michelle, and Serena so far, so those are the ones we are highlighting here! You can find the full collection over under Fall 2020, but also be on the look out for dress highlights here on our blog too. We shot with an amazing Australian photographer, Chloe May for this campaign and we feel that these images are a perfect way to present our newest line and rebrand of RGB. So without fewer ado, here are the gowns!




 As youre looking through our new site, our hope is that the gowns connect you to our end goal. Each gown of our newest collection threads back to our mission statement, To design bridal gowns for the modern romantic, blending vintage elements with a feminine elegance. Designed and sown in the US. Our promise: for beauty, for strength, for love, for you.

The Renée Grace Team Xx.