Silhouettes 101

Silhouettes 101

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Apr 13, 2021

Silhouettes 101


One of the biggest decisions when choosing a wedding dress is finding the right silhouette. Plenty of women come into the store not sure what silhouette they want—which is why we’ve decided to write up on our four most popular silhouettes, the subtleties that make them different, and ways they work for your body. 




A-line wedding dresses can adapt to any aesthetic—traditional, boho, modern, you name it—and have become a staple in wedding fashion for it. The silhouette is flattering on everyone, with a fitted bodice and an A-shaped skirt gently flaring from the waist. This dress shape is slimming and makes you taller, making it a common favorite among brides. 

Ball Gown



Similar to the A-line, ball gowns feature skirts flaring from the waist. The key difference is the size of the skirt: a ball gown has a much fuller, fluffier skirt that creates a more dramatic look. This shape is perfect for women seeking that princess-like look, or who want the effect of a floating, air-like skirt to create gorgeous movement. 


Fit and Flare



Fit and flare dresses are fitted through the bodice and flare out from mid-way down the thigh to create stunning curves. This shape often features a stunning train, and is perfect for women who want to flaunt their hips. The flared skirt balances the dress, creating a dramatic yet elegant shape flattering on anyone. 




The key difference between a mermaid and a fit and flare is where the skirt begins. Rather than mid-way down the thigh, the skirt on a mermaid dress begins at the knee. This makes the skirt on a mermaid more dramatic, as it usually flares out just as wide but at a steeper angle. This creates the same gorgeous curves as a fit and flare, but with a little bit more of a statement. 


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