Sustainable Wedding Tips

Sustainable Wedding Tips


Planning a wedding requires a lot of thought, and for couples who are environmentally conscious, the process can be that much more difficult—weddings can often create a shocking amount of waste, from invitations to send-off. Renee Grace cares deeply about sustainability as a cause, so to help our brides who think the same way we do, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to cut down on wedding waste. 



Your invitations use a lot more paper than you’d think, especially if you’re planning a larger wedding. Between save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, and envelopes, the paper adds up quickly. The easiest way to cut down on the amount of single-use paper you’re using is to go digital: it immediately eliminates waste from the equation. If you still want the physical invitation, consider sending it on plantable paper for an environmentally-friendly option!


Shop Local

Another pre-wedding consideration: choose to buy your dress from a bridal shop that has the same values you do environmentally. The fashion industry contributes huge amounts of emissions to the environment, so finding a retailer that values sustainability is key. Purchasing your dress from a designer that designs and manufactures their dresses locally cuts down on water waste and emissions—which is why we keep our manufacturing local to Cincinnati. 



Registering online is great in that it allows your loved ones near and far to send you your wedding gifts from the comfort of their homes, but all the plastic packaging on each item sent can add up quickly. A great way to cut down on packaging is to have friends and family purchase gift cards for you to go get items you want in person, or to have a honeymoon fund rather than a registry. 


Avoid Single-use Paper and Plastic

On your wedding day, it may seem budget-friendly to opt for paper plates and disposable utensils, but the amount of single-use plastic waste that creates is not worth the cheaper cost. If you can’t rent dishes, talk to your caterer about compostable or sustainable paper goods, and find something that works for your budget without creating unnecessary waste. 


Donate and Compost

In the aftermath of your wedding, you’ll be surprised at the amount of leftover food—depending on what you have, we recommend either donating it to a local charity or composting the waste. Another trend we love: some brides have been taking flowers from their weddings and donating them to nursing homes or hospitals, where the flowers brighten up patients’ days rather than going straight to the trash. 


Biodegradable Send-off

You’ve probably seen all kinds of fun, gorgeous wedding send-off trends: sparklers, balloons, floating lanterns, you name it. We love a good send-off, as they make a perfect joyful exit for the newlyweds, but we suggest finding something environmentally friendly to throw for your big exit. One of our favorite trends? Biodegradable confetti! You get that fun, joyful send-off without any of the waste.