Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2022. Mobile Image

Dec 19, 2021

A year ago, you might not have believed we would be able to even have top wedding dress trends for 2022, given the state of lockdown. Between brides that were forced to push their wedding dates, organically new brides, wives about to renew vows, or designers getting a chance to parade their art in public again, wedding fashion enthusiasts everywhere look toward 2022’s coming wedding dress trends with more excitement than ever before.


We put up this guide to help you navigate the noise of all the emerging ideas that have been pent up all year. Read on to learn about the season's most popular coming fashion trends.

Bodice Corset

Corset bodices are expected to make a comeback in 2022, paying respect to the traditional bridal gown silhouette while also emphasizing the bride's body. This innovative approach to corsetry and dresses, as shown by numerous fashion houses, is divinely stunning on every body shape and proves that the styles may be as diverse as they are dreamy. The corset bodice, when paired with a voluminous skirt, creates a modern version for the bride who still wishes to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. 


From flowing sculptural silk tiers to abundant layers of frothy, ruffled tulle on necklines and hems for weddings in 2022, designers gave a variety of ways to wear ruffles on the big day. This ultra-romantic look is filled with movement and incredibly dreamy, and it made its way down the runways in droves. 

Square Necklines

The '90s fashion trend has continued to reign supreme, with square necklines dominating the bridal runways in 2022, just as they did last year. This beautiful neckline gives any look just the right amount of elegance while yet providing support and coverage. This sleek and minimal style provides maximum effect when matched with stylish and clean silhouettes, and is ideal for a bride with modern tastes. 

Bridal Suits and Jumpsuits

With the world evolving to accommodate more civil ceremonies, bridal suits and jumpsuits emerged as a significant wedding day contender in 2021. Brides will be relieved to learn that these trends will continue through 2022 when weddings will be in full swing. Non-traditional bridal dress, such as jumpsuits, puts a premium on flexibility and throws the rulebook out the window, allowing you to be free of the restrictions of a dress on one of the most important days of your life. For brides who prefer an alternative to the traditional wedding gown, there will be plenty of dazzling and stylish power suits, tuxedos, and jumpsuits to choose from. Plus, we adore a wedding outfit that you can wear even after the ceremony.

Floral Prints

This season, designers showcased it all, from exquisitely handcrafted satin and organza wildflowers to sculptural blooms, with florals taking center stage once again. Dresses featured amazing 3-D floral laces, beadings, sequins, and appliques, giving them a sense of increased romance and creativity.

Colorful Hues

Designers pushed the boundaries of the modern wedding day color palette this season, experimenting with new colors and tones. While creams, whites, and ivories will always be popular, the dramatic introduction of champagne, ballerina pinks, blushes, and even pistachio, lavender, and sky blues demonstrate that brides are looking to break the mold. Soft hues to bright, dramatic statement colors will be available in a variety of shapes and styles for brides. When selecting a colored dress, consider how it will blend in with the other aspects and tones of the day. Choose bridesmaid gowns, florals, and style elements that complement rather than compete with your bold decision.

Stylish Separates

Separates will continue to be versatile for brides in 2022, with several designers offering a variety of mix-and-match crop top alternatives that were worn with trousers, minis, and ballgown skirts.

Deep V-Necklines

Deep v-necklines are the bold appearance brides in 2022 are looking for, and they're gracing practically every fashion week collection this autumn. Brides can pick from ultra-feminine, long-sleeved dresses embellished with sequins or crystals to classic neckline bodices overlayed with deep tulle V-necks to create an intriguing focal point and unlimited chances to punctuate the design with small adjustments to fit their personal style.

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