Veil Length 101

Veil Length 101



After finding your perfect dress, the next step is choosing how you’d like to accessorize on the day of—there are plenty of ways to go to show off your unique style, but today we’d like to focus on something a lot of brides have questions about: the veil. For women who opt for a veil with their dress, the biggest issue is finding the right length to ensure that the veil is highlighting the dress rather than interfering with it. To help you choose, we’ve broken down different veil lengths so you have a better idea of what look you’re going for. 



A birdcage veil is usually made of some sort of netting with a few embellishments, and sits close to face. For brides who love a little bit of vintage flair, this old school-style veil is perfect. The short length means this style of veil can be paired with any dress silhouette, but we especially love it with tea length. 


Shoulder Length

Plenty of veil lengths are denoted by where they hit on your body, which is the case with shoulder length. Shoulder length veils are short enough to not interfere with your dress silhouette, and ensures the veil is completely out of your way throughout the day. While it goes with anything, we love this length with ball gowns and A-line dresses especially, although it’s probably best to avoid this length if you have a heavily embellished neckline. 


Elbow Length

Elbow length veils are exactly that—elbow length. This length is where longer veils start to interfere with your dress silhouette, so you need to choose carefully. If you’re wearing a more fitted silhouette, like a mermaid or fit and flare, an elbow length veil cuts off mid-way through the bodice and interrupts the gorgeous curves your dress gives you. However, this length looks amazing with ball gowns, A-line dresses, and sheaths. 


Fingertip Length

Fingertip is the longest veil length you can get before you reach the floor. This gives you the look of a longer veil without the full-on length of actually reaching the floor. Much like an elbow length veil, this dress finds issue with a few silhouettes—it looks amazing with everything from the front, but with ball gowns, A-line dresses, and other more full-skirted silhouettes this length cuts off partially down the skirt and interrupts the gorgeous flow of the dress. However, this length looks incredible with mermaid and fit and flare silhouettes, as it highlights the gorgeous flared skirt. 


Floor Length

Floor length veils are perfect for brides who love the dramatic look of a long veil, but do not want an added train. This style of veil looks amazing with every silhouette, adding a gorgeous ethereal touch. One of our favorite things about long veils is the ways your photographer can use the veil to create stunning photo opportunities—definitely a huge pro to choosing a longer veil. 



Similar to floor length, chapel length veils go with every silhouette and add a touch of classic bridal beauty to every dress. The key difference is the train—whereas a floor length veil stops before fully reaching the ground, a chapel length veil has a slight train for a more dramatic look. We love a lace-edged chapel length veil, as they add the perfect touch of romantic grace to your look as you walk down the aisle. 



The longest veil length is cathedral: like a chapel length veil, these veils have a train, but a cathedral length has about a yard’s length more on the train than a chapel length. For brides looking to really make a statement, this is the way to go. Cathedral length veils look amazing with boho-style fit and flare dresses, princess-like ball gowns, traditional A-line dresses—you name it, if the gown is floor length it’s going to look amazing with a cathedral veil. 


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