Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of our favorite parts (besides finding the perfect wedding dress, obviously) is figuring out the perfect color palette! It’s so exciting to choose colors that represent your style and personality. The color palette really pulls together the wedding perfectly. Color palettes can be chosen in many ways, but we at Renée Grace Bridal in Cincinnati believe that one of the best methods is to use the colors of the seasons when choosing colors for your wedding.

If you’re struggling to figure out what color palette to use for your wedding, check out some of these ideas to inspire you!


It's so underrated how beautiful winter wedding colors can be! Rich colors are perfect for brides who wish to make a statement at this time of year. Metallic accents are common at winter weddings, making them especially luxe or sophisticated. Cool and warm tones can be paired together, however. We love color palettes with burgundy, green, silver, or navy for a winter wedding! 



New life and bright wedding colors are synonymous with spring. The timeless colors of spring weddings range from lush greens to most any bright hue. The blooming flowers and foliage are a good way to select spring colors. Your event will look bubbly, lively, and fresh with these! Think shades of dusty rose, sage green, and neutrals.



It's no wonder that summer is a popular wedding season! There are so many gorgeous wedding colors to choose from! You can choose anything from pastels and primary colors to jewel tones. No matter what kind of look you want - light and modern or alternative - this wedding season has it all. Some of our favorite summer wedding colors include shades of blue, beige, oranges, or yellow.



When it comes to fall wedding palettes, it’s all about warm shades. As the season and foliage changes, boho weddings and understated luxe events peak. Earth inspired tones, dark colored greenery, and dry or bleached florals - like pampas grass - are especially stunning. Consider shades of rust, beige, and cinnamon with stunning metallics.

Honestly, there are endless opportunities for various color palettes! We hope that these have given you some inspiration for your wedding. Are you ready to find the perfect wedding dress to go with your color palette and venue? Book an appointment with us at Renée Grace Bridal in Cincinnati!