What to Do with Your Dress After the Wedding

What to Do with Your Dress After the Wedding

What to Do with Your Dress After the Wedding


A common question brides have after the wedding is what to do with their dress! More likely than not, you don’t plan on wearing your dress more than once. Finding new life for you wedding dress is fun, sentimental, and often rewarding. Deciding what to do with the dress depends on your own preference—to help you decide, here are a few of our favorite ideas. 


Preserve Your Dress

Most commonly, women choose to preserve their dresses. For sentimental reasons, this keeps your dress in great condition in case you—or perhaps your future children—ever want to wear it again. Usually, there is a business or cleaner in your area that specializes in wedding dress preservation. Be sure to do your research so that you know your dress is in good hands!



If money’s feeling a bit tight after the wedding, you can resell your wedding dress. This works out well by giving you at least part of your money back, and helps another bride who may be working with a tighter budget find something beautiful for her wedding. You also get the comfort of knowing your dress is making another woman just as happy as it made you. 



If you’re willing to part with your dress and don’t mind not getting your money back, there are several charities that connect brides in need with donated wedding dresses. This is a great way to help another woman feel just as beautiful as you did on your wedding day, and gives your dress an entire life after you part with it. 


Loan It

Some brides choose to loan their dress to friends or family after the wedding—this can make the garment that much more special, especially once you share the experience with other important women in your life. 


Make it Something New

A lot of brides repurpose their dress into something special after the wedding—depending on the style, some brides dye their dress and wear it again. We have seen others turn their dress into pillows for their new home, or into jewelry and accessories—with this option, the possibilities are endless, and you get more use out of your dress than just your wedding day!


If we’re way ahead of you and you are still looking for your wedding dress, book an appointment with us at Renee Grace and let our dedicated staff help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day!