The Renee Grace Bridal Experience

The Renee Grace Bridal Experience

The Renee Grace Bridal Experience. Mobile Image

Jan 29, 2021

So what should you expect?




Making an Appointment



Our Atelier is constantly functioning as a design and manufacturing space, therefore we are open by appointments only, so that our team can keep creating as much as possible. 


You can make an appointment on our website, or by calling us. Our head designer, Teresa will probably speak to you for a bit, and make sure we get you in on a time that works well for all of us. 

Atelier: a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.



First Appointment


Your first appointment is pretty simple, you are welcome to bring whomever you’d like with you. The initial appointment typically takes about 90 min. 


You will meet with our team, be escorted to a dressing room, enjoy some champagne, take a look around, and then the magic begins. 


Our consultant, whether that be Teresa or another team member, will pull a few dresses for you based on your initial thoughts. Feel free to bring ideas, pictures, or anything else that will help communicate your dream dress to our team. 


Don’t be nervous if you’re not sure what you are looking for! We can help you out with that. Oftentimes our team will have you try on something that is opposite of what you think you’d like, either to solidify what you do like, or broaden your horizons on what you may like. 


In finding a dress, we always take into consideration two important fit factors: body & personality. Different body types work best on different fits and silhouettes, however, the most beautiful dress is always the one that matches the personality of the bride.


The first appointment will also be a way for us to learn about your story, your personality, and get to know you a bit. That’s Teresa’s favorite part, getting to know the bride and getting to help her make her dreams a reality. 


Our dresses range from all different styles and silhouettes, and prices. Ranging from $2,000 - $7,000. Our team will be there along the way to help you find the perfect fit of all three. 



Finding a Dress

Whether it is on the first appointment, or it takes another, once you find your dress, we get to start creating! You meet with Teresa and her team and detail everything that you want to change about the dress. You can add something, take off something, mix and match a skirt with a bodice, change or add lace, change the fabric or color, etc. This is where the customizations come in. You get to take our design and make it perfectly your own. 


Our team will take upwards of twenty five measurements, to ensure the dress is the perfect fit. At other bridal shops, you may have 3-5 measurements taken, but here, we make sure to get every single possible one. Believe us, every person is different!

Once you find your dress, you get to make it everything you imagined. We can customize size, bodice and skirts, fabrics, and other elements. 


First Fitting

After you pick your dress, customizations, and we take your measurements, its time for us to start making your dress. We start from scratch, so it will take about a month until we need to see you again for the next fitting. Even a month out, the fitting will be solely the internal structure of the dress. Fitting this to your body is crucial to your dress holding you up and allowing for perfect confidence on the big day. The internal structure is the frame in which all the fabric is laid upon. Once we build the structure for you, we have you come in to get it fitted and make sure it works. Then, we start onto the outside of the dress.



We make sure the dress perfectly supports each bride comfortably through fitting the internal structure before adding the outer details. 



Second Fitting

The last fitting will be a month after the structural fitting. Your dress should be exactly what you had wanted it to be. You will come in and have the entire dress ready. We will make sure it fits, and everything is perfect. After that, you are free to take it home!! So exciting. 


Our favorite thing here is seeing the look on a bride’s face when she finally gets to put on the dress she envisioned that first appointment. Seeing a perfectly unique bride in a perfectly unique dress amplifies the beauty of her being.


You leave our place with the dress of your dreams.