Our Response to Corona Virus + 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Family at Home

Our Response to Corona Virus + 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Family at Home

Our Response to Corona Virus + 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Family at Home. Mobile Image

Apr 01, 2020

A Note from The Renée Grace Team:

As we near another week into quarantine due to COVID-19, away from our offices and hunkered down at home with our closest ones, we are trying to find balance between hope and chaos, but we are here to help you through thiswe want to be a source of light amidst all of the darkness and tragedy. We value love and relationships and a big goal of our company is to help you thrive in those spaces. We are thinking about and praying for our friends, family, staff, and global community during this time, but we also want to provide resources to you and your household to conquer cabin fever and hopefully prevent you from going stir crazy. Heres to you and us, taking this global pandemic thing one day at a timewith every Zoom meeting, every FaceTime call to your friends, every news update, were one step closer to hopefully reaching normalcy, being able to go to our favorite restaurant again, hug our friends again, and maybe even being back at the office. But lets not forget the life lessons to be learned in the mean time, the conversations to be had, and the homemade meals we didn't even know tasted good. Heres a few tips from our team to get the best out of your social distancing practice and stay healthy, happy, and entertained with loved ones at home.

5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Family at Home:

  1. Try One of These Pinterest Crafts We created a board with some inspiring DIYs for you and your family. Being at home doesnt have to be boring!

  2. Listen to Some Uplifting Music These tunes have been getting us through. Dance with your toddler, sing in the shower, stream while you work, whatever best suites you!

  3. Practice Mindfulness Whether done in solitude, with your partner, or with the whole family, meditation is a much need practice in our lives, especially right now. Heres 99 ways to incorporate mindfulness into your day today.

  4. Support an Independent Artist or Buy from a Local Business We need each other now more than ever. If youre a Cincinnati local, stop by Brown Bear Bakery to grab the worlds best cinnamon roll and purchase a cookie for a healthcare worker.

  5. Sew a Mask Weve partnered with Crossroads Church and many others across America to help sew masks for healthcare workers in need. See how you and your community can join the movement too.