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My daughter became engaged in early January with a wedding date planned for early September. I made a trip from Idaho to Ohio to help her search for a dress in March. Renee Grace was the first shop we visited. To be honest, I had no idea how much to expect to pay for a wedding dress. Since Renee Grace custom makes their dresses, I assumed we were starting at the most expensive shop. I thought that starting there would give us an idea of what the high end cost for a dress would be. Every dress at Renee Grace was beautiful. My daughter fell in love with the first dress she took off the rack. We continued on to two other shops that day. My daughter loved the last dress of the day also. It was similar to the dress at Renee Grace but I was stunned to see the price. The dress was $800 more then the dress she found at Renee Grace. We were also going to have to pay a rush fee of $250 and hope the dress came in time for alterations. The cost for alterations could add another $500-$1000. We took pictures of the things my daughter liked about the dress and made an appointment to go back to Renee Grace. For a very minimal fee, they assured us that they could make the changes in the dress my daughter loved there. My daughter had 5 fittings , most of them with Caleigh. The owner, Teresa, oversaw all the adjustments made. There was never any fear of the dress not being done in time. From start to finish Renee Grace was a wonderful experience for my daughter. We had the choice of fabric, dress pattern and dress details. With my daughter's choice of fabric Renee Grace also made her veil. This is the kind of experience every bride should have. The dress was beautiful with a great eye to detail-from the special bustling all the way to the tag sown in with my daughter's name on it. This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I cannot recommend this shop enough.


This was the most phenomenal experience of my life. Terry and her crew were amazing. It was a treat to find someone who could take a girl who only knew the color of the dress that she wanted. (The girl meaning me) I wanted an emerald green dress but didn’t know what style. Terry knew exactly what would look best on me. I was apprehensive at first because I never envisioned myself in form fitting dressed. I was through the roof when I saw each stage of the dress. Watching it come to life in each process was awesome. From the bones of the dress to the final product. To the illusion I had two dresses! It was amazing. I felt so confident in my dress and incredibly beautiful! Thank you Terry and all the Renee Grace girls! You all are incredible!

Kayla Johnson

My wedding was scheduled for 4/4/2020. The shut down happened about a week prior to our wedding. To say we were freaking out is an understatement ☺️. We decided to continue forward and have it be just family present. Wednesday, (3 ays before the wedding) we discovered that my wedding dress alterations were not completed when it was given back to me. Through a friend of a friend. ❤️❤️ I were given the number of Terry from Renee Grace Bridal. We set up a time on Thursday for myself and my sisters to come to there shop and try on what they keep on hand for photos. We found the perfect dress!! It fit perfectly - no alterations needed. To top it off Terry decided to let me use to dress free of charge with just photos as payment ❤️❤️It was so kind and generous. Renee Grace Bridal was such a huge part of my husband and I being able to have our special day🎉. I would 100/100 recommend them for anyone looking for a beautiful dress for their special day! They’re easy to work with, efficient and so so kind ❤️

Emmalee Perez

As a wedding photographer, I really admire all the detail that goes into a wedding day and Renee Grace Bridal does not disappoint when it comes to detail and style! Their entire wedding collection is full of beautiful, timeless wedding gowns. Teresa created a one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn, fully customized gown for my recent bride and it was absolutely stunning! I highly recommend them to all of my brides.

Tausha Garrett Photography

I loved having the chance to photograph one of Renee Grace Bridal’s dresses this past fall! My client absolutely loved wearing it and it photographed so beautifully from every angle! Will definitely recommend sending brides here!

Samantha Sandy

Renee Grace Bridal has the most beautiful dresses! As wedding photographers it is so important that our brides are wearing quality dresses that photograph well, and Renee Bridal definitely delivers!

Maggie wilson



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