Unique Wedding Dresses in Cincinnati

Unique Wedding Dresses in Cincinnati

If you plan to visit a bridal shop in Cincinnati, you can become overwhelmed by the number of bridal boutiques available to you. But you need more than just a seemingly endless number of dresses from which to choose. You need the wedding dress of your dreams, and finding it on a rack, regardless of how many shops you visit, can seem endless.

What if you could take different parts that you loved on multiple dresses and put those elements together in precisely the perfect tailored fit for your figure? It almost sounds too good to be true. But ladies, it is not. Our bridal shop in Cincinnati offers you the experience of semi-customizing your wedding dress so that you can create the exact look you have been dreaming of your whole life.

At Renée Grace Bridal, our in-house designer, Teresa Eklund, and our team of wedding dress experts are ready to ensure your wedding dress is uniquely YOURS, not one that you feel like you're settling for. Down to the tiniest detail, we will provide you with the perfect depiction of the dress of your dreams.

How Does Customizing My Wedding Dress Work?

Once you make your appointment to come to our Atelier, your path to customization begins. Here, you will be able to take a look at over 70 designs. If you happen to find the perfect dress from one of those, that's amazing! We will still tailor your new wedding gown to fit your body precisely.

We take great pride in our work and want to make sure that when you're in the spotlight on your wedding day, your dress flatters your figure in every way possible. Making adjustments to your wedding dress is one of the priorities of the alteration process. If that means the alterations to the initial shape of the dress you decide on are dramatic, then so be it.


One of the key differences between Renée Grace and other wedding dress shops in Cincinnati is that all of our dresses are designed and made in-house. 

Elegant Unique Semi-Customized Wedding Dresses In Cincinnati

While we do believe that we offer the most beautiful, elegant, and unique wedding dresses in Cincinnati, the odds are that you will not find THE dress for your day without one or two adjustments to our original design. This is where the semi-customization kicks into high gear.

If you like something on this dress, something on that dress, and want us to bring them together in order to see your wedding dress dreams come to fruition, we will turn your wishes into reality. This is how semi-customization works, and it is our way of making your special day one that you will remember fondly forever.

What Else Sets Our Boutique Apart From the Rest in Cincinnati?

Our owner and designer, Teresa, wants to be a hands-on part of creating your dream wedding gown. She does not simply sit in an office and delegate tasks to the rest of the team. Take a look at the video below where Teresa explains the story of a wedding dress at Renée Grace Bridal:


It is not uncommon for Teresa to be present at your initial consultation so she can get to know about you as a person, as this will assist her in helping you to bring your perfect gown to life.

While other wedding dress shops might offer gowns by famous designers, those designers are not partners with you in creating your wedding dress. Teresa puts heart and love into every dress she makes, and she prides herself on being an ambassador to fulfill the fantasy regarding your look on the day of your nuptials.

Renée Grace IS the Right Bridal Boutique for You


Every single piece of your dress is made in-house, at our 5,000 SF location in Cincinnati, OH. We have 70 designs that blending traditional romanticism with modern silhouettes for the feminine bride. Our head designer, Teresa Eklund, has over 30 years of experience in the custom bridal industry. 


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