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Natalie Wilson

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the design and quality of my wedding dress! It was beyond what Icould’ve dreamed. Terry did an expert job of incorporating all the features I requested into a gorgeous andcohesively designed final product. She also has a wide variety of beautiful fabric and lace choices, andfrom the beginning there was no limitation in the options I had to choose from-I ended up with butterflylace, which perfectly suited the type of dress I was going for. Additionally, the dress was very well-craftedand held up beautifully throughout being shipped, hanging in the closet, outdoor photo shoots, beingbustled, etc. Even though our fittings happened over Zoom calls, it was a fairly easy process. Terryshipped everything I needed to try on and walked us through how to determine the correct fit. We thenpinned the dress and sent it back so she would be able to make the necessary adjustments. Overall, Iwould highly recommend Renee Grace Bridal for their exceptional customer service, skillful design, andsuperb quality of product.”