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Frequently Asked Questions


Make an appointment to visit our store located at 11176 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the experience. We will pull a few dresses for you based on your initial thoughts. Feel free to bring ideas, pictures, or anything else that will help communicate your dream dress to our team. 



This is where the customizations come in! Once you've chosen a wedding dress, you'll meet with Teresa and her team and detail everything that you want to change. You can add something, take off something, mix and match a skirt with a bodice, change or add lace, change the fabric or color, etc.  You get to take our design and make it perfectly your own!



Our team will take upwards of twenty-five measurements, to ensure the dress is the perfect fit. At other bridal shops, you may have 3-5 measurements taken, but here, we make sure to get every single possible one. Believe us, every person is different!



We start making your dress! During the production process, you'll come in for up to three fittings to ensure your wedding dress is a perfect fit!


We charge for cancellations, not appointments. At the time of your booking we will take your card information, and upon cancellation less than 24hr in advance, we charge you a cancellation fee of $100.

We make samples in 2, 10, and 20, so when you come in to try on gowns those will be the samples available. However, our wedding dresses are made to measure, therefore your dress will be made to your measurements regardless of your size, with no alterations required.

Yes! Every Bride wants to find that dress that meets her individual style. We design and make
all our dresses at our atelier in Cincinnati. After you've chosen a dress, you'll meet with our designer and team and they can customize your wedding gown in almost any way you like.

No. All wedding dress styles are the same price regardless of size. Our dresses, on average, range in price from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the style of the dress and customizations made to it.

No. Every wedding dress purchased from Renée Grace is custom made to measure, in-house, at our atelier in Cincinnati, Oh. Because we make the dress to your measurements, we guarantee that your wedding dress will not require alterations.

We typically suggest that you come in at minimum, 6 months before your wedding. However, for a rush fee, we are able to offer your wedding dress in 16 weeks.

You will receive 2 online fittings. Once you order your gown, we will get to work make the structure of the dress.  8-10 weeks after ordering you will receive the base structure for fitting. We will have a video consultation to see if it is fitting or if changes need to be made. Most changes are covered in the cost of the dress some additional fees may apply. You send the base structure back to us and we will complete the rest of the dress.  When the dress is finished, we will send you the dress and have one final video fitting.

60% of total is due at the time of ordering for your final gown.

40% + tax and shipping are due when your dress is complete before shipping the dress.

Because all dresses are made to order we do not offer returns or refunds. You have 3 days after you place your order to cancel and receive a refund. After 3 days all deposits are forfeit.  

Our line of wedding gowns range on average between $1,500 to 5,000. However our higher end dresses range between $5,000-7,000.

We're located at 11176 Main St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45241. 

We're approximately 3.9 miles North of the Reading Wedding District. 

Our wedding dresses are designed by Teresa Eklund whose 30+ years of bespoke bridal craftsmanship blends traditional romanticism with modern silhouettes. Our wedding dresses are designed and sewn in-house at our Atelier located in Cincinnati Ohio.